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The Nature of a Modern Lean Enterprise

Today, the world of "lean" is far more than a series of statistical analysis tools used to improve manufacturing plants. In the last decade, a modern lean approach has emerged to address the needs of all types of organizations and leverage the tangible benefits that result from adopting a lean mindset and culture. This new expression of lean includes a comprehensive set of thinking frameworks, optimizing patterns of organizational behavior, principles and techniques to streamline business operations, and guiding tenets for people who do the work and run the organization. In this way, lean is the ultimate adaptability approach for any enterprise.


Lean for the Intelligent Enterprise

Lean for the Intelligent Enterprise (LeanIntent™) is a free, open, crowd-sourced framework and knowledge base for bold, visionary companies in the information age. An Intelligent Enterprise is one in which more than half its workforce uses interconnected information technology devices to perform their jobs. A Lean Intelligent Enterprise is organized around its value streams to create more value with less effort, resources, and time-to-market.

Why LeanIntent?

LeanIntent is a double entendré: not only is it a contraction of Lean for the Intelligent Enterprise, it also emphasizes the leadership intent necessary to become lean. LeanIntent was created to coalesce multiple aspects of the emerging field of lean, including terms, mental models, interpretations, translations, opinions, and schools of thought into a single source of useful information.


In this website, lean knowledge is explained, depicted, and organized in one place. It is a comprehensive source of all things lean, arranged for easy navigation, understanding, and application to any enterprise. The conceptual framework, as well as the depth and breadth of the knowledge base, makes this a unique, valuable resource in the world of enterprise lean.

Intelligent Technologies

Intelligent technologies are ubiquitous. Executives, managers, and workers now have easy access to a plethora of smart devices with which to perform their jobs. Intelligent devices operate independently, yet are connected to a network of other devices, enabling interactivity and data sharing on a remarkable scale. These devices include computers, tablets, smart phones, smart watches, portable electronic devices, robots, appliances, etc.


The rapid adoption of these technologies is changing the market landscape faster than at any time in our history. Many organizations are realizing that their traditional structures and culture are not providing them with sufficient competitive advantage or the ability to adapt to ever-changing customer and market needs. When modern lean principles are coupled with intelligent technologies, the Lean Intelligent Enterprise is taken to unprecedented levels of ability and success.

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